2022 Freestyle/Greco

April 5th - May 26th

Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30-8:00pm
2-wrestlers = $180/month
3-wrestlers = $240/month

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- All wrestlers are required to purchase a USA Full Athlete Membership to compete in tournaments. Purchase here: https://www.usawmembership.com/login

- Michigan USA Wrestling
Schedule and information: https://www.musaw.org/


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All American Grappling Academy is a youth wrestling club for youth wrestlers and athletes who want to take their wrestling and athleticism to another level. This is a cutting edge program offering structured practices for our youth thru high school. Body weight and core strength conditioning and training including our gladiator wall, rope climbing, pushing and pulling weight sleds and tire flipping as well as unique wrestling techniques are sure to help our wrestlers and athletes excel to a higher level. While our focus is on youth wrestling it certainly isn't limited when it comes to what we can offer any youth athlete.

AAGA keeps talent & family in the highest priority; along with management that is handled with professionalism and honesty. Our goal as a team is to encourage all kids, all ages, all levels to see that this is a sport for everyone; and a sport that can teach far more than the physical aspects, in addition wrestling teaches kids life!

Accountability- it's not the ref, the coach, your mom or dad, ITS YOU. Success in wrestling and anything in life requires you to take charge!
Discipline- wrestling is a sacrifice, what you put in, is reflective of what you will get out, nothing comes easy and laps in discipline will catch up not just in wrestling but, school responsibilities and all life matters.
Creativity- that wrestling can comprehended differently from one kid to the next, there is a correct position to be in but no "one way" to get a takedown & finding success in your own way is necessary to become great.
Confidence- building athleticism, strength and skill but more importantly learning that each wrestler will have their own pace at finding success, and will learn to set goals that relate to where he/she is.

We will be holding practice three to four days a week and offer private lessons each day practice is held. This gives kids more opportunities to evolve at a faster pace; private lessons focus on assisting each wrestler conquer his/her weaknesses and help build on his/her strengths.

Our goal as an organization goes beyond training. We are dedicated to teaching the value of teamwork, hard work, and mental toughness in an environment that breeds successful wrestlers and where success is not defined only by "winning". We stress the value of character and that character is defined by our actions and not by what we say.

It is our job as an organization and coaches to get the most out of each wrestler, and we are dedicated to work with them to help navigate through the complexity of positions, techniques, and overall development in their wrestling evolvement. If your wrestler is looking to take wrestling to the next level of greatness, AAGA is the revolution you're all looking for.

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4400 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48507